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The purpose of this web site is to provide historical and current information regarding our groundwater resources to the communities and residents of the Indian Wells Valley, as well as other interested parties.

The Indian Wells Valley Cooperative Groundwater Management Group is a public water data-sharing group consisting of most of the major water producers, other government agencies, and concerned citizens in the Valley.  In the past, efforts by the individuals or agencies involved were often, for lack of communication, duplicated by another.  This group was formed to coordinate efforts, share data, and avoid the redundancy of effort.  The list of official signatories is included HERE.

Our Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) continually reviews and monitors the ongoing efforts to better understand our local water resources.  This group is also responsible for an extensive well monitoring program and a water recharge study.  Numerous studies have been conducted to better understand the groundwater resource in the Valley, yet it is complex and precise quantification is elusive.  Rain and stream gages have been placed in strategic locations in the basin, and over 100 wells are monitored.  The entire library of information is available for review online HERE. The Indian Wells Valley Cooperative Groundwater Management Group meetings are public and are held on the third Thursday of each Month at 1:00 P.M., at the Indian Wells Valley Water District Board Room.

Meeting Update

The next Groundwater Group meeting will be held on Thursday, August 21st from 1:00-3:00 pm.

Agenda 08-21-14, Revised

The web site was developed with AB 303 grant funding from the California Department of Water Resources (FY 2000/2001) awarded to the Eastern Kern County Resource Conservation District on behalf of the Indian Wells Valley Cooperative Groundwater Management Group. The web site contains general information including the following:
  • The IWV Cooperative Groundwater Management Group
  • Legislation in California related to groundwater and groundwater management
  • A list of 190+ publications on the groundwater resources of IWV
  • links to PDF files of 61 obtainable groundwater studies of the IWV
  • A PDF copy of the AB 303 grant final report prepared by Tetra Tech EM, Inc.
  • A base map of monitoring well locations in IWV
  • Two Five-Year Groundwater Level Change Maps
  • Seven Groundwater Elevation Maps
  • Seven Depth to Groundwater Maps
  • Examples of hydrographs of wells
  • Data from stream gages in Grapevine and Sand Canyons
  • Information relating to database development for IWV
Grateful appreciation and acknowledgment is given to all those individuals, agencies, and consultants who worked on the AB 303 grant from January 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003 to ensure the successful completion of the grant project. Thanks to Kern County Council of Governments, Kern County Water Agency, Digital Storage Solutions, Epsilon Systems Inc.,Tetra Tech EM Inc., Tom Bozack, and to all members of the IWV Cooperative Groundwater Management Group.